body bliss

body bliss – pelvic floor training and initiation

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body bliss – pelvic floor training and initiation

This sensual pelvic floor training combines the alignment of Iyengar Yoga with the Jade Egg practise of an taoistic Tradition. In this practise we use a Nephrit Jade Egg (or Yoni Egg) as a tool to reconnect with the pelvic area.

In ancient China the Jade Egg practise had only been available to the queens and their concubines, to sustain youth and health during their whole life.

Incontinence, missaligment of the bones and muscles, problems with orgasm or pain in the joints are often caused by a week pelvic floor. But also vaginal dryness, hormonal misbalance and mood swings occur, when the connection with the pelvis is lost.

Incontinence is one of the most occurring disease that women suffer from worldwide. And it is so much connected with shame!

body bliss is a great pelvic floor training for all women, who are looking for more than just a muscle training.

It is for women who know, that the pelvis is a doorway. Who know that the magic begins in our pelvis.

body bliss is a powerful and transformative path to consciousness, confidence and selflove.

All exercises can easily be done at home.

During the course there will be NO nudity.



body bliss and body love
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body bliss – 7 week onlinecourse

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