Feedbacks from course participants (body love and body bliss)

“To be honest, I thought it was pretty crazy to put a stone egg in my body. I had never heard of it before. If I hadn’t known Katharina for a long time and hadn’t appreciated her way of teaching, I would never have registered for this workshop. The whole thing would have been too esoteric and too intimate for me. In retrospect, I can say that it came as a gift from heaven and I am very grateful for it.“

“The ostensible hook to go to the workshop was my stress incontinence, which I have had since the birth of my children. Of course, I already suspected that there was more to it than that. But I would never have thought that a whole new world would open up. I have no words for that, I am very grateful for that. In everyday life I have a different awareness of what is good for me and what is not good for me. I take myself more seriously, I trust myself much more now and feel myself as a powerfull womanl in everyday life.“

„Deep shit.“

“Then one more thing that I’m sure has to do with training. While urinating, I was able to let go my urine really well. I thought after my many bladder infections that would no longer be really possible, but it still works. Brilliant! And it continues to this day. “

“Dear Katharina, I don’t think I had yet thanked you for the nice workshop and the pdf. Wonderful.“

“I already said it at the workshop – lately I’ve had the feeling of a hole, an emptiness in me due to the absence of our daughter, (who died in utero just a few days before delivery). A very physical feeling. At the end of the workshop there was suddenly a glowing, radiant sphere of energy in my lower belly. And this feeling continues, there is no longer a hole. Of course I still miss our daughter and continue to mourn her, but I no longer feel this physical emptiness – I am whole again and am fully in my feminine strength. This power is there now, even without an egg – and practicing with the egg helps me to feel and perceive it again and again, it is a good aid. So I am very grateful to you for the workshop that helped me find this.“

„Katharina, when I practice with the egg, I sleep better at night!“

“Dear Katharina, thank you very much for the wonderful Jade Egg course with you. Here are my positive and great experiences since I started practicing the exercises with the Jade Egg. I finally sleep wonderfully again. (…) I wake up very well rested the next morning. Lovely!
In my professional and private life I can now distance myself from the external enviroment very well and consciously stay within myself. So I feel more self-confident, more concentrated and free.
Due to my illness, I was a permanent, stressful diarrhea candidate. That is the past now. The Jade egg supports my digestion. So my quality of life has returned in this regard….
In the meantime I am still on a journey of discovery and am curious, which wonderful experiences I will experience, because it feels good. I would like to recommend a Jade Egg course to all women. “

„I pick flowers with my yoni!“

„Dear Katharina, how can it always be, that I find myself in your words ……“