body love

body love – kisses to the cervix…

body love – kisses to the cervix…

body love is a course, where women learn to bring attention to their own outer and inner pelvis to reconnect, release tension and trauma to heal and bring back aliveness in this area.

Do you have a too much drama in your life?
Maybe it will help, to connect back to your pelvic area!

Many women are disconnected from their pelvic area and therefore lost the ability to find a sense of peace and groundedness, that lies within their pelvis.

Since centuries women have lost their connection to their pelvis. Due to cultural and/or religious context the connection with this sacred area of the womens body was either forbidden, limited to quick sexual intercourse, reduced to a medical issue or a taboo.

In addition to that women tend to store stress and trauma in the pelvis tissue. And most women are not aware about this.
Stress can be: A traumatic situation, too quick and/or too hard penetration, trauma during delivery, sexual assault and every situation, in which a women does not feel safe.

As a result first they feel discomfort in the pelvic area, then pain and later the tissue becomes numb.

Most women do not know, how much this affects their nervous system, as the vagus nerve is directly connected to the cervix.

We need to stop this!

It is so important for the health of each and every woman on the emotional, mental, physiological, psychological and spiritual level, to have contact the her own pelvis, including vulva, vagina, womb, ovaries and anus.

For your own sake!

In this course we are doing the first steps to bring back sparkle and liveliness to your pelvic area. We will use soft and gentle touch, breath and meditation without the intention to create a sexual arousal. This might happen by its own, but sexual arousal is not the goal of this course.

This disconnection, pain and/or numbness has an affect on our health, our emotions, our ability to create relationships, on our communication, sexuality, our ability to receive and/or give birth and our feeling of being safe.

It also has an effect on our social life, our ability to life in relationships and to communicate.

Still today many doctors believe, that the cervix is numb or not made to feel. This is wrong! The cervix has a direct connection to the parasympathetic nervous system that regulates our stress respone!

The cervix also enables women to feel ecstatic and orgasmis states, and according to the TAO system, the cervix has a connection to the pineal gland, which in many traditions is seen as a doorway to higher states of consciousness.

You can stay clothed during the whole course.
During those workshops, where we will meet in person, I will show the technic of the massage on my own body and I will be naked then. If that is a problem for you, let me know, we will find a solution.

If you are suffering from a severe sexual abuse, or you are doing therapy right now, please contact with me before you register, as we will find out, if you need something additional oder before the course.


No English workshops planned yet.
If you are interested and/or would like to organize one, please write me an email. I am happy to hear from you!